Our Business DNA.


With our business development DNA, creative insights and strategies we drive unrivaled results for starting or independent Guest House and Bed & Breakfast companies. Our aim is to turn your Guest House or Bed & Breakfast into a success story which is why we strive hard to challenge existing order with our proven strategic methodology and best practices. We will meet one on one with you to discuss your business operations and how to go the extra mile to deliver superior guest experiences and we will assist you in setting and focusing on action steps and the right priorities that will effectively generate ROI with your Guest House and Bed & Breakfast real estate asset.




With our management and consultancy service, we can help you drive up your revenue and in turn effectively turn the tide in your Guest House and Bed & Breakfast investment. We understand that keeping up with the most recent solutions and developments in the industry can be quite challenging. However, at BBGHM we take on these challenges head-on and help you simplify the drawback with creative insights and strategies that can be integrated into new or existing Guest House and Bed & Breakfast systems. Our bespoke packages will ensure your business is running well and our Guest House and Bed & Breakfast consultancy and management specialists will work closely with you to change your investment into a market leader. Our Guest House and Bed & Breakfast consulting and management team specialises in:


• Holiday cover
• Mystery Audits
• Sales & Marketing
• Pre-Opening Planning
• Concept Development
• Operations Management
• Finance & Asset Management
• Revenue Management & Yield Strategies


Want to be a market leader? Want to stand out amongst the crowd and increase your ROI? Contact us today, and we will provide creative insights and strategies that will give you the power to see your clients need clearly and how you can deliver superior guest experiences.